Accounting & Payroll Services

Who doesn’t want to save money and at the same time increase efficiency?

We work exactly in such a way that while providing accounting and payroll services for your needs, we emphasis on improving efficiency and reduce costs, and the bonus point is we treat your data confidentially.

Accounting services

(a) Maintaining accounts by adhering to international accounting standards.

(b) Assistance with various accounting procedures (e.g. obligatory annual inventory count with the aim of local compliance).

(c) Preparation of annual financial statements, corporate income tax return and tax balance, other returns and Para fiscal levies, standard annual reports, and annual reports according to your needs.

Payroll services

(a) Preparing employees’ payrolls, including calculation of salaries, contributions for social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, and personal income tax.

(b) Preparation of corresponding payment orders, and transfer orders for employees’ salaries.

(c) Preparing and filing monthly and annual salary returns.

(d) Registration/deregistration of employees with relevant social institutions.

(e) Preparation of calculations for other contracts per Client requests.

Business woman working with tax documents